Thursday, October 7, 2010

"Still On Track"

James Kirkpatrick has established himself as one of Canada’s leading outer-edge artists with a recognizable style that has earned him a devoted following across North America, in Japan and in Europe. He has participated in numerous groups shows including the critically acclaimed ‘Pulp Fiction” that toured eastern Canada from our own Museum London to Toronto’s MOCCA closing at St Mary’s Gallery in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
“STILL ON TRACK” features new work by James as well as introducing James’ sound sculptures based on his most recent paintings. Included in the exhibition is the largest of the sound sculptures recently featured during the LOLA festival where it was displayed in Victoria Park.
Guest artist Jamie Q will present examples of her most recent work and additional works created in collaboration with feature artist James Kirkpatrick.

For additional information: 519-434-5443 or

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