Monday, May 16, 2011

Fired Up Exhibition Opens May 26th

We are now ten days away from opening night of Fired-Up! Axis of Art in Victoria BC. Brian and I are excited to be the first ceramic art gallery asked to participating their annual exhibition now in its 27th year! Not only is this an opportunity to see the latest work from the core members of Fired Up it will also be an opportunity for people to see work by artists from other provinces. We have shipped out work from:

Bruce Cochrane RCA Ontario, Astrid Kruse NWT. Reed Weir NL, Ann Mortimer RCA Ontario, Jane Wilson Ontario, Zsuzsa Monostory Ontario, Judy Blake New Brunswick, Goyer Bonneau  RCA Quebec, Ann Beam Ontario, Renee Gagnon Quebec, Mimi Cabri  RCA Ontario, Sarah Link RCA Ontario, Judy Donaldson Ontario, Audrey Killoran Quebec, Roger Kerslake Ontario, Harlan House RCA Ontario, Liz Willoughby Ontario, Sean Kuntz Alberta

This will provide an incredible opportunity for the public to see not only ceramics created by the talented Fired Up! Members but also by other leading ceramic artists from across the country.

Opening night this year is on Thursday night and many of our clients and friends from Ontario and Michigan are flying out to attend. 

The theme this year is the "Axis of Art", the relationship between Creator-Connector-Collector. Take advantage of a wonderful opportunity to meet the creators, get involved with the connector and meet other collectors. Opportunities like this are few and far between so take advantage and go!

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