Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Goyer Bonneau Tureen - A Canadian Classic

Goyer Bonneau designed, in 1979, a tureen titled "French Pea Soup". It is an incredible design and was juried into a travelling exhibition hosted by Campbell Soup titled "Soup, Soup, Beautiful Soup!" that toured for two years in the early eighties. Brian and I have been bugging them for almost ten years to reintroduce the tureen as we both love the design. Finally May 2nd, 2011 we received an email and a photo telling us that the first tureen was ready. Alain and Denise decided that the edition would be limited to 40, the number of  unused handles left from 1979. The price? #'s 1 to 10 $450 (sold out in hours) #'s 11 to 20 $550 (sold out by May 14th) #'s 21 to 30 $650 (only seven left at this price). The final ten will be $2,000 each. This is truly a Canadian Classic created with cultural content as many of their designs are. The name referenced the slang term used to describe Frenchmen.

It is with great pleasure that we present the reintroduction of "French Pea Soup" in black porcelain.

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