Sunday, July 31, 2011

MATTER of CLAY III hits CBC Newfoundland

It is Sunday afternoon and the living is easy except for those of us in the headlong mad dash to finish up details for the upcoming Matter of Clay III exhibition opening in a few more sleeps. The adrenalin got a bit of a push this morning listing to Mack Furlong on CBC Newfoundland in his interview with David Hayashida, partner with Linda Yates in King's Point Pottery. You can hear the interview at

There are Matter of Clay III Preparations taking place all over Canada today. In Toronto Sebastian Frye, graphic designer to Matter of Clay III, is busily working on a catalogue that is a complete visual treat. Already over 100 catalogues have been pre-ordered from all over the country with orders arriving daily. The cost of the 200+ page full colour catalogue is $50 plus s/h with a special $37.50 plus s/h until September 2. The catalogue, in a limited edition run of 500, is destined to be a real collector's delight as it includes the maker's mark, an element that truly enhances the catalogues for serious collectors and novices alike.

Brian is busily occupied at the moment measuring the myriad of offerings that have been flooding into the gallery for weeks. In Chatham our web specialist from Spur of the Moment Media is ensuring that the allure of Matter of Clay III continues with regular updates to the specially dedicated Matter of Clay events page. Judy Blake emailed this morning and she and husband Rick are on the road again headed to London Ontario from Lincoln New Brunswick. Peter Thomas of New Brunswick isn't able to attend but he has taken advantage of any remaining space in their car to send additional work.

Alain Bonneau of Carignan Quebec called this morning to say that the car is packed and ready to go. The limited edition tureen 'Pea Soup' originally designed in 1979 and reintroduced after much pleading on our part in a special limited edition of 40 is all made and ready to go. 31 have been pre-sold and there are only four black left at $2,000 each and the very limited edition green at a premium price of $2.500 with #40 selling for $3,000. This is a true Canadian classic.

Pat Webber of Salt Spring Island has already left the island and is currently in Montreal before she too heads off to London. Meira Mathison and husband Logan, who btw celebrate their wedding anniversary tomorrow, are currently enroute to Victoria to pack for their departure Tuesday where a suite awaits them at the London Delta Armouries. Louise Card and Craig Rogers of the Nanaimo are also currently in Ontario and will be heading off to London Tuesday.

Miss Conception, Drag Queen Extraordinaire, having just finished the Toronto to Montreal Aids Ride for Life is probably resting up before wowing the SRO reception at Scot's Corner. Scot's is our sponsor pub and will be the place to see Canada's top ceramic artists as they party hearty during the opening week festivities of Matter of Clay III. Over half of the 102 participating artists are attending the grand by invitation reception at the gallery on Thursday August 4. Already there are confirmations coming in from all over the country.

The excitement is not only at the Jonathon Bancroft-Snell Gallery as just a hop, skip and a jump away from the gallery is theLondon Potters' Guild where preparations are going strong for the workshops series with artists Gordon Hutchens BC, John Chalke Ab and Valerie Metcalfe MB. The series is a almost sold out .

Stephen, my better half, in a wise move to retain his sanity has headed off to Florida for the weekend to rest up before getting himself immersed in helping organise the biggest ceramic arts party in Canada. He has taken a week off work to assist in airport pick ups, train arrivals and essentially all the things that need to be done to ensure a good time is head by all.

Attic Books has put up a wonderful display of Newfoundland artist Reed Weir. Sculptures from the critically acclaimed exhibition Flood at Furnace Cove are currently on display, where else but in the west window along with a selection of works by noted Newfoundland writers. The east window, appropriately enough, is home to a selection of ceramic works by British Columbia artist Laurie Rolland. Laurie's incredible ceramic boats are beautifully displayed among books pertaining to boat building and British Columbia. The display nicely encapsulate the coast to coast aspect of Matter of Clay III.

Anyway I have to get back to work or the catalogue will never  be ready for printing tomorrow morning. No rest today!

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