Monday, August 1, 2011

Matter of Clay III - 3 more sleeps!

Okay folks - here's the scoop! We are just three days away from the opening and, to be honest, I am a wee bit tired. The work continues to arrive and never ceases to amaze. This afternoon the installation arrived by Zsuzsa Monostory of Toronto. It is extraordinary! The theme is that of Punchinello commedia dell'arte. Actually I first met Zsuzsa at the Gardiner Museum in Toronto in 2001 and fell in love with her figures (someone else did too as one was actually stolen the night of the opening from the display!) and three years ago we discussed the possibility of doing a set of figures based on the 18th century concept of the garniture. And here we are three years later and it is a fait accompli and a true tour de force. It is awesome and will no doubt find a suitable home.

Artists are texting, calling and emailing their arrival times. They are coming by plane, train and automobile! There will be more nationally renowned Canadian artists in one place at one time than have been in a long time! A young artist, named Luke, swung by the gallery today visiting from Vancouver. He has just graduated from Emily Carr and is very excited about attending all the events but his comment that most resonated with e was "You have no idea what a thrill it is to be in a room filled with the work of artists that you have admired but only seen in slides. It is incredible to see everything 3D".

Let's not forget the catalogue! Sebastian Frye has designed an amazing work. I said to him a couple of weeks ago that when he looked at it and was proud to call it a creation of his then I would be pleased. It is fantastic. If you are thinking of getting one - don't hesitate. There are only five hundred copies and we have already sold over 20% and it hasn't even been printed yet! Actually as I type (or hunt and peck) the first part is being printed by the Ronald Frye Publishing House in Toronto. I am really pleased that an exhibition featuring Canadian talent has been designed and printed by a Canadian company. Margaret Atwood would be proud.

Judy and Rick Blake have just arrived in Dundas Ontario on their way to London. They will be staying at the home of Carol and Richard Rossman tonight, sharing potter hospitality. No doubt Rick and Richard will be commiserating with one another. Where David Hayashida is at the moment I don't know but I would imagine that he is off the island and Newfoundland is a far bit away. Well folks I am off to the pub to meet Stephen who has just arrived from Florida fresh from his respite before the serious entertaining begins!

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